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4 Bedroom Home

Encore Resort at Reunion is a branded resort made up of only vacation homes. All of our houses are decorated and managed so that all our guests get a consistent Encore Brand Experience

5 Bedroom Home

Encore Resort at Reunion is a branded resort made up of only vacation homes. All of our houses are decorated and managed so that all our guests get a consistent Encore Brand Experience

6 Bedroom Home

Encore Resort at Reunion is a branded resort made up of only vacation homes. All of our houses are decorated and managed so that all our guests get a consistent Encore Brand Experience

7 Bedroom Home

Encore Resort at Reunion is a branded resort made up of only vacation homes. All of our houses are decorated and managed so that all our guests get a consistent Encore Brand Experience

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7635 Fairfax Dr, Reunion, FL 34747



Central Florida Pools — Service Proposal

Dear Homeowners,

As you are aware, Artemis is currently offering the option to opt out of the pool services offered by the HOA, which allows the owner to solicit and contract its own pool vendor. LRR has been working with Central Florida Pools, which has continue to provide the best service at Encore, on an effort to provide our owners with an exclusive and reliable option for a new maintenance contract. Central Florida Pools has provided us with the option to opt into a month-to-month agreement, which would include two weekly cleans instead of only one service per week  for only $155.00 per month. Attached you will find the full service proposal with further details on what this service agreement would include.

Expand to view Full Service Proposal

Additionally, below is a quick comparison of the main benefits of opting into Central Florida Pool’s program instead of the current HOA service:

Service: HOA: Central Florida Pools:
Monthly Fee $130 $155
Frequency of Cleans 1/Week 2/Week
Frequency of Filter Clean As needed As needed
Frequency of Filter Replacement Once a year Once a year
Schedule Fixed Flexible
Additional Clean Cost (not due to environmental) $25.00 Free
Cost per Special Clean (due to environmental) $40.00 $40.00
After Hour Services and Emergency Calls Up to pool provider 24/7

LRR highly recommends that owners adhere to this program as it will provide better overall care and service to your pool, while minimizing the cleaning costs. Additional cleans would be assessed with less frequency and would, most of the times, be provided at no additional cost. This will ultimately result in increased longevity of pool equipment and an overall better guest experience.  Below are a few examples of how this initiative will benefit you over the long run:

  • Having the pool services twice a week rather than once will ensure your pool’s water chemistry is frequently balanced, reducing the risk of damage and maximizing the useful life to pool pumps and heaters.
  • A flexible schedule allows LRR to work alongside with Central Florida Pool to ensure cleans are scheduled in between rentals when possible to minimize the need of additional cleans, which currently cost you $25.00.
  • After hour service and emergency calls gives LRR the ability to provide better customer service to our guests.

If you do wish to opt into this service, please let us know at your earliest convenience, and we will work with the HOA to ensure your account is updated. As a reminder, owners have until February 15th to opt out of the pool services provided by the HOA, which would result in a U$130 reduction of your monthly assessment.

Please, let us know if you have any question and we look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards,

Owner Ambassadors

Main: 321-888-3907
[email protected]

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Average Daily Rate (A.D.R.)

The Average Daily Rate refers to the nightly base rate at which the property is booked. The ADR does not include taxes or any other packaged items such as add ons, resort fees, amenity fees, etc. The split between the property manager and homeowner is based upon the ADR.

Allocation on Arrival (A.O.A.)

his is the process of assigning an accommodation to a guest at the time they check in to the resort. This is typical in the hotel industry. This allows for very powerful forms of marketing as all inventory can be marketed generically which provides a large amount of flexibility. It does not matter to the guest what the address (or room number) of the property is as long as it meets all of the guest’s requirements for the accommodation. The majority of LRR’s marketing is done on an AOA basis. All AOA bookings are allocated for our properties two weeks prior to check in.

Key Level (also referred to as “By the Door”)

This is the process of marketing individual properties and assigning the guests to that property at the time of booking. An example of Key Level marketing would be Airbnb. Each property has its own individual listing that is competing against all other accommodations in the same space. Other examples of Key Level booking would be with wholesale and Group Sales. Groups will often have specific requirements such as multiple houses/cottages near each other or specific features.

Online Travel Agencies (O.T.A.)

These are companies such as Expedia and that leverage the internet and other technologies in order to serve a large volume of customers with travel planning needs. In addition to traditional marketing, OTAs plug in to global distribution systems that can integrate with other related travel services such as airlines, car rental companies, and traditional travel agencies to generate business. OTAs can be very effective but they come at a price to the entity using them (Hotel/ Homeowner).


This is the bulk sale of inventory – usually at a discount – to another business which is then responsible for filling said inventory. Wholesale is a powerful tool for building a base for bookings, which can allow for increases in ADR for future bookings as overall room nights decrease.


Per, Consortia are Associations or Marketing organizations which link together small to medium sized independent travel agencies to leverage purchasing power and marketing opportunities.

Property Taxes

An ad valorem tax based on the value of real property. This tax is levied by Osceola County for our properties at Encore and Margaritaville Resort Orlando. Payment of Property Taxes is the responsibility of the homeowner. You can find more information about the taxes for your property at

CDD (Community Development District) Fee

This is a fee that is charged to support the special-purpose government entity that builds infrastructure (such as roads) for a particular area. All homeowners in the community will be assessed this fee. It is typically added to the property tax. You can find your assessment for the CDD if applicable at

Tax Identification Number (TIN)

This is the tracking number used by the IRS that is required for all tax returns. Additionally, this number is needed to apply for the necessary tax licenses that are required for short term rental within Osceola County (Local Business Tax Receipt & Tourist Development Tax) and the State of Florida (DR-1C).


Does LRR charge a monthly management fee?

No, we do not. Unlike other property management companies that charge a monthly flat fee whether your home is rented or not, LRR does not. We feel that by not charging this fee, there is a mutual benefit to gain higher rental price and higher occupancy.

What does your management commission cover?

Our commission covers all expenses in the full marketing as well as servicing our guests, social media campaigns, full management of web-site Complete web-site management, paying monthly bills from month’s profit and remitting all sales tax to local and State agencies, warranty claims remittance, payment and Management for all systems and management programs for the home rental process.

How often can I use my home and is there a fee for me to stay?

LRR does not block owners from using their home. Depending upon the time of the year and advance reservations, your home may not be available during a time you would like to come and visit. Therefore, we ask for a one-year notice for specific times of the year you would like to visit. If you are flexible, you will be able to see on-line when your home is available. If your home does not have reservations, you will be able to reserve your home. Simply call your Owner Ambassador and make your reservations. The only cost to the owner is the cost of the cleaning.

Is there a person that I can contact directly with questions regarding my home?

Yes. LRR has a dedicated staff the will know the ins and outs of your home. We call them Owner Ambassadors. Their sole job to be there for the owners and answer any questions, concerns or inquiries about their home. Each Owner Ambassador will introduce themselves to the new owner and give all their contact information to the owner once when the LRR agreement is signed. To guarantee the best customer service, each Owner Ambassador will be responsible to return calls/emails within 24 hours of the initial contact.

How are rental rate determined?

Since the Orlando market if very fluid when it comes to rates, there are many factors that affect how the nightly rate is determined. The short-term rental market in the surround area, supply and demand, weather, school vacation/holiday schedules, and the global economy all influence the daily rate. LRR has a sophisticated reservation system that analysis all these influences and formulates the daily rate. Depending upon the time of the year and occupancy, our rates could change on an hourly basis. LRR’s goal is to maximize your investment to the highest rates.

How will I know how much money I made for the month?

Each month, a monthly Owner’s statement will be sent by our accounting staff. These statements will show your monthly gross income, minus commission and operating expenses. This will represent the net profit for the month. When there is a profit, all remaining funds will be sent to the owner on or about the 20th of the month. In the rare occasion that there is not a profit for the month, the Owner’s credit card will be charged for any outstanding balances. This entire process is seamless, and the Owner does not have to worry about balancing any accounts. If the Owner has any questions, their Owner Ambassador will be there to answer any questions.

What if I decide I do not require LRR’s services anymore?

Since LRR has a Group/Whole Sales Department, most of the reservations for this segment of the business reserves homes up to 18 months in advance. In order to offer our homes to these groups, LRR must have a running inventory to accommodate these groups. Also, LRR spends a significant amount of money on marketing and advertising, therefore we require a 365-day notice.

How are the items in my property maintained such as linens and repairs?

LRR has two programs that maintain you home to the consistency, uniformity and quality set forth by the community. The goal is to maximize your investment by running your home like a mini hotel and keep every unit uniform. Our programs are capped, fixed monthly costs and the owner will

never pay any fees above the monthly capped costs. This ensures a more predictable monthly expense for the owner and eliminates any surprise charges/line item charges for linens, minor repairs, wear and tear, housewares and small appliances.

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